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Take cross sectional analyses to the next level by quickly analyzing the section without using Xross2D not FEA. Xross2D gives the analyst the power to quickly perform an FEA analysis on a section...sizing a cross section has never been easier with Xross2D.

Centric Engineers provides a complimentary set of freely accessible software available using your browser only. Start solving today by simply clicking on the free software link to access program of choice.



Free to use!
Free to use!
Finds ABD Stiffness Terms
Perform a Single Lug Analysis
Perform Material trade studies Bearing and Shear-Out Stress
Copies data to Excel Provides Margin Summary   
Define any type of Layup
Export Results to Excel
Save multiple materials Predefined Material Library



Free to use!
Free to use!
Quickly Analyze Cross Sections Provides In-plane bolt forces
Size a section fast with FEA Saves bolt force data
Export Results Unlimited number of fasteners
  Define any fastener pattern

Latest Articles

16 August 2020
CE | Software
CE | Methods
Xross 2D | Supporting Documentation | Cross-Section Analysis in Python Download PDF File Here...
07 August 2020
CE | Site News
First of all, thank you for reading this blog post. Xross2D is an exciting new tool for us, and we wanted to quickly share why. The reason Xross2D is so important is because we did not develop it! Instead, we built it on top of a free and open source...
26 April 2020
CE | Software
CE | Methods
This article provides the method used to calculate a laminate's stiffness coefficients for calCLT. The method supports the integrity of the software's solutions and is provided to all end users for informational purposes only.  Download PDF File...
19 March 2020
CE | Software
CE | Methods
Assumptions & Limitations Fasteners are same material, size and typeThe joint only has one shearing plane (2D) Method  The joint centroid must be found before fastener loads can be calculated. The location of the centroid can be determined w...
08 March 2020
CE | Methods
Program Background The program calculates the linear static failure of a metal lug in bearing and net-tension when subjected to an axial load. Lug Interaction effects are accounted for and ultimate margins of safety are recorded. The method described...