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as of March 4th, 2022

Centric engineers is hard at work developing critical infrastructure that enables data
retention and retrieval capabilities for all end-users...

Website will undergo a face lift to enhance user experience...expected release late 2022...

Subscription services are in-works and will be available in the future... 

Product development continues and updates to existing or new releases
will be posted - check back regularly!


Perform simple crippling analysis quickly and easily.

Perform simple beam analysis quickly and easily with CE-Beam. 
shear-moment diagram

Display Shear-Moment diagrams with ease.



CE-BJSFM open source code is available on GithubDownload code today by clicking here: CE-BJSFM

Centric Engineers On-Demand Software

Take cross sectional analyses to the next level by quickly analyzing a cross section leveraging Xross2D - not FEA!

Xross2D gives the analyst the power to size a cross section with ease.


For more information about each microapp go to our Microapps link in menu. 

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03 January 2021
CE | Software
CE | Released Software
metaLug v2.1.0 is now available and includes some updates; mainly, the addition of a new feature called Auto K. Auto K automatically searches for and finds both axial and net tension Lug coeffici...
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13 November 2020
CE | Software
Centric Engineers is excited to announce that metalug is getting a feature-lift! Currently under development, metalug is going double...double shear lug that is!  Adding a new case study is ...
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16 August 2020
CE | Software
CE | Methods
Xross 2D | Supporting Documentation | Cross-Section Analysis in Python Download PDF File Here...
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07 August 2020
CE | Software
CE | Released Software
First of all, thank you for reading this blog post. Xross2D is an exciting new tool for us, and we wanted to quickly share why. The reason Xross2D is so important is because we did not develop it! Ins...
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26 April 2020
CE | Software
CE | Methods
Download PDF File Here...
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