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Website Update: Open Source Software (OSS) Page Launched!

Centric Engineers adds Open Source Software (OSS) information page to website. The page provides engineers with top level open source software options design to facilitate structural analyses. 

Visit page today: Open Source Products 


Centric Engineers open-source ideology springs into action with its first release. CE-BJSFM open source code is now available on Github. Download the code today and begin analyzing bolted joints for composite Airframe structures. 

Access code by clicking on: CE-BJSFM


  • Lekhnitskii's anisotropic elasticity solutions for loaded (cosine distribution) and unloaded holes
  • Combined bearing and bypass 2D infinite plate stress distribution
  • Optional DeJong tension (or compression) bearing correction

SaaS Releases and News

Centric Engineers On-Demand Software

Take cross sectional analyses to the next level by quickly analyzing the section without using Xross2D not FEA. Xross2D gives the analyst the power to quickly perform an FEA analysis on a section...sizing a cross section has never been easier with Xross2D.

Freely Distributed SaaS Products

Centric Engineers offers other freely accessible SaaS products. Start solving today by simply clicking on links below to access your program of choice. For more information about each program, go to our products page. 

Latest Articles

13 November 2020
CE | Software
Centric Engineers is excited to announce that metalug is getting a feature-lift! Currently under development, metalug is going double...double shear lug that is!  Adding a new case study is a significant step in metalug's maturation into a&...
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16 August 2020
CE | Software
CE | Methods
Xross 2D | Supporting Documentation | Cross-Section Analysis in Python Download PDF File Here...
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07 August 2020
CE | Site News
First of all, thank you for reading this blog post. Xross2D is an exciting new tool for us, and we wanted to quickly share why. The reason Xross2D is so important is because we did not develop it! Instead, we built it on top of a free and open source...
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26 April 2020
CE | Software
CE | Methods
This article provides the method used to calculate a laminate's stiffness coefficients for calCLT. The method supports the integrity of the software's solutions and is provided to all end users for informational purposes only.  Download PDF File...
132 Hits
19 March 2020
CE | Software
CE | Methods
Assumptions & Limitations Fasteners are same material, size and typeThe joint only has one shearing plane (2D) Method  The joint centroid must be found before fastener loads can be calculated. The location of the centroid can be determined w...
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